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Iron Fence

All American Fence Corporation can help take your fencing design to the next level. We use our experience, expertise and flexibility to custom-fabricate the perfect iron fence. Danville homeowners, and those in the surrounding area, you can expect our team to create an iron fence to your specifications. The only limit to the design will be your creativity and imagination. Home and property owners in San Ramon, Danville, Pleasanton and the East Bay area can trust us with their next iron fence project.

An iron fence can be the best way to secure your property and maintain the appealing look of your overall landscape design. Although the cost to install iron fencing is higher, the investment is offset by the benefit of having iron fencing on your property.

Benefits of Iron Fencing

  • Longevity - Iron fencing lasts much longer than most other types of fencing. Iron fencing has proven to withstand the harshest conditions and will still be standing long after wood and other types of fences have fallen.
  • Savings on Maintenance - Your iron fence, once installed, requires very little upkeep. Periodic painting is all that is necessary. Over the life of your iron fence, this will help you save money.
  • Design Flexibility - The staff at All American Fence Corporation has the experience necessary to create the custom fencing you want based on your design specifications. You have the freedom to design an iron fence to meet your needs and they look forward to going beyond the ordinary designs you get with other types of fencing.
  • Security - Iron fencing is strong and durable. This is what makes it a top choice for well-known locations like the White House, Buckingham Palace and even Disneyland. These locations know how iron fences provide the security needed and will not use other fencing.

Think about the security offered by an iron fence. Danville, Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas want security without obstructing the view from their homes. The wide spaces between iron bars allows for plenty of light and a clear view to the surrounding landscape. Investing in an iron fence provides you with near maintenance-free security with a unique design and custom look.

Call All American Fence Corporation first when searching for fence companies in Walnut Creek or any of the nearby cities. We look forward to discussing your iron fence needs with you. You can enclose an entire yard or add custom pieces that will add to your fence's aesthetics without breaking your project budget. Adding iron elements to your existing fence design can reduce the investment threshold. Consider adding:

  • Iron Gates
  • Iron Walk Gates
  • Hand Rails

The staff at All American Fence Corporation wants to be your fence contractor in the Bay Area. We can use these elements to complete your existing fencing project. We will work closely with you to custom design an iron fence that will provide you with the aesthetics you want and the security you need most.



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