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Wood Fence

Wood fencing is one of the oldest and most reliable choices for fencing. Whether you are a homeowner or a business, wood fence is the go-to choice because of its reliability and aesthetics. It provides a higher level of privacy than other fences and creates an extra layer of protection for those things important to you.  All American Fence Corporation can help you create a residential wood fence in Pleasanton or any of the other cities in the East Bay area that will provide the security and privacy you desire while customizing the design to enhance the existing landscape or architecture.

When looking for a fence company in San Ramon, Danville and the surrounding Bay Area, home and business owners can choose from the following styles of wood fence:

  • Good Neighbor- This wood fence has boards on both sides of the fence. The board-on-board style provides a nice view for both you and your neighbor.
  • Louvered- A louvered fence is semi-open to give protection from the wind and looks like the slats of window blinds. This fence style provides an interesting look and a unique touch to your landscape.
  • Shadow Box- This style of wood fence creates a shadow effect with alternating boards on both sides of the fence. It provides the same security as a solid fence with the appearance of a Good Neighbor fence. This type of fence may be the right choice when placed against a neighboring yard.
  • Nail on– This type of fence uses nails to secure boards onto the inside frame rails from the outside of the fence. Many feel the Nail On fence creates a more rustic feel.
  • Dog Eared-This fence type is so-called for the type of finish at the top of the fence. The notched boards give the wood fence a distinctive appearance.
  • Lattice- A Lattice fence is perfect for the home or property owner who wants a strong architectural element to their fence.

We use construction common redwood to create lasting wood fences for your home or business. Construction heart (con-heart) redwood is also available. We also use staples rather than nails when constructing the fences to prevent cracking the boards.

Enhance your residential wood fence in Pleasanton or the surrounding areas by adding other wood features. Our custom-created structures will make the most of your yard and landscaping. Feature designs include:

  • Wood Gates
  • Double Drive Gates
  • Walk Gates
  • Handrails
  • Trellises
  • Arbors

We are also experienced in staining wood so that it will compliment your home's current design.

At All American Fence Corporation, we want to be your fence contractor in the Bay Area. We want to match your current plans and provide the privacy and protection you desire. Our staff will help you find the right wood fence or design one that will work with your current landscaping and architecture but stay within your budget.

We offer a free consultation. Set up an appointment today by calling 925-743-8583.


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