Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing can be durable and permanent or temporary for short term needs. Chain link fencing is affordable and low maintenance. It is the perfect commercial fence or it is surprisingly adaptable for residential use. In fact, when used around a home to create a unique space for your yard, chain link is very compatible with hedge plantings, shrubs and bushes. Because chain link is open, you can view the surrounding area or keep children and pets well within sight. Chain link fencing is very versatile and can be used in applications ranging from tennis court and swimming pool security, to privacy fencing in the front yard of a home using woven materials to protecting supplies or tools at a work site or factory. All American Fence Corporation is very experienced in chain link fencing installation whatever your particular needs.

Whether you need commercial or residential chain link fencing, All American Fence Corporation will be happy to discuss your options. Call us for a free consultation.


Benefits of Chain Link Fencing:
Great option for the budget:

Chain link fencing costs less than wood, vinyl or iron fencing and yet if properly installed, chain link can be much more that a dull design.

Long Lasting and highly durable:

Due to its natural strength, a chain link fence is very durable and can take a beating day in and day out. It is why chain link is the number one choice for baseball fields and tennis courts. For extra protection for example, parking lots or inventory protection we can add extra under wiring.

low Maintenance costs:

Maintaining a chain link fence required virtually “zero work.” You will never have to paint or seal it and to clean chain link, simply spray it with water.

Transparent Protection:

One of the greatest benefits to the chain link fence is its open design. You get the same amount of protection as other fences but you can see through it to neighboring properties or areas of the commercial enterprise.

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Chain Link Fence