Deer & View Fence

A deer fence is appropriate for homes or businesses that have problems with deer or other animals entering their property. This type of fence comes in a variety of sizes, typically, from a low of 6 feet but can be as high as 8 feet or more. For more than 25 years, All American Fence Corporation has designed deer fencing we routinely provide guidance to homeowners in this area. We will gladly offer suggestions as to the best deer fence for your needs.

View fencing, similar to deer fencing, is used when the property owner wishes to gate off a specific section of your property, but still be able to allow open viewing of the property. View fencing comes in several different designs and our professional staff will help you choose the fence that meets your needs, and is aesthetically pleasing as well as affordable.


Benefits of Deer & View Fences:
Keep Out Deer & Wildlife:

A deer fence is a safe and humane way to keep wildlife off of your property as well as to protect your landscaping and gardening.


Properties that are ill-defined or have boundaries that may stop and start across roads, streams or other bodies of water, greatly benefit from view fences.

Improve Property Appearance:

In addition to protecting and defining a residence or large parcel of property, deer and view fences improve the overall appearance of the land. Quite often low, deer resistant shrubbery, flower bulbs or grasses are planted along the fence line for a striking appearance.

Maintain Safety & Security:

Deer and view fences help to maintain the safety and the security of the property, not only from unwanted wildlife, but from intruders and to minimize the possibility of trespassing.

All American Fence Corporation has broad experience in installing the full range of deer and view fences. We will be pleased to discuss options and fencing styles with you on a no obligation basis. Call 925-743-8583 for a free consultation.

Deer & View Fence