Temporary Rental Fence

Typically, construction companies rent or purchase temporary fencing to restrict unauthorized traffic and to ensure a safe worksite. All American Fence Corporation has provided the temporary fencing needs for construction companies for more than over 25 years. Temporary fencing serves several important functions among the more important reasons are the following:

Discourage Theft:

Theft can be a major problem on construction sites. Temporary fencing may not prevent all shrinkage, but over time it has been shown that theft of tools, machinery and building materials is sharply reduced when temporary fencing is in place.

Avoid Injury:

Construction sites can be extremely dangerous. It is critical to keep unauthorized people out of construction sites in order to prevent injuries. A temporary fence clearly delineates the property boundaries and signals outsiders to stay away.

Keep Work Sites Organized:

Temporary fences help to keep work sites neat. During construction, work sites can get messy, out of control and if allowed to become haphazard, dangerous. In addition to materials and tools going missing, worksites are frequently “open game” for dumping. Fences help to eliminate dumping.

Temporary fencing reduces worksite dangers. Overall, temporary fencing is inexpensive to rent and considering its low cost, it is well worth the fact that they offset the dangers of injuries and the lessening of worksite theft.


Once the construction work is complete, we remove the temporary fencing and the site can then be cleaned up and made ready for landscaping.



All American Fence Corporation rents temporary fencing for six months up to a year.

Fences are post driven and are free-standing

We install temporary fences in dirt, drilled through asphalt, concrete or rock.

Standard temporary fence height is 6 feet. We offer various gate widths

All American Fence Corporation has installed temporary fencing throughout the Bay Area. We will be pleased to discuss temporary fencing options on your request. Call 925-743-8583 for a free quote.

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