Trellises & Arbors

Adding a trellis or arbor to your current hardscape design can do amazing things for the curb appeal and the landscaping of your property. An arbor or trellis can serve as a way to create dimension in the landscape, add a pop of color to your home or property and to provide support for the plants around your yard. Our customers are pleased to learn that in addition to fencing. All American Fence Corporation is expert at building both trellises and arbors. Despite the fact that we routinely build both trellises and arbors, we are often surprised that the two kinds of design elements are often confused, even by landscapers! We would like to explain the differences, as both are wonderful additions to any property.

The Difference between a Trellis and an Arbor

Generally speaking, a trellis is a flat structure, often a lattice-work that is used to support a climbing plant such as a vine or climbing rose. The trellis is usually placed flat against a vertical wall. On the other hand, an arbor is a free-standing structure with four columns and a lattice roof. Of course, it is possible to place a trellis against an arbor and that is why the two terms are often used interchangeably. The simplest way to remember is that an arbor is free-standing, but a trellis is not.

Ways to Use a Trellis:

More often than not, a trellis is used to support any kind of climbing plant, and helps to train a climbing plant to a particular shape or design. We often see trellises used with vines like Wisteria or grapes. A trellis can add height to your landscaping. For example, a trellis may be placed by a brick wall, and Morning Glories can be encouraged to grow up the lattice. Obviously if flowers can be trained to grow upon a lattice it will add beautiful colors to your landscaping, such as training a rose to climb up on the lattice.

Supporting Plants:

A trellis supports climbing plants but can also train plants to a particular shape or design.

Adding height to a location:

Installing a trellis can add height to your landscape as well as provide dimension.

Create a statement of color or design:

Choose a color to contrast the surrounding materials. This allows the trellis to stand out and become the focal point of the landscape.

Ways to Use an Arbor

Arbors trace their origins to ancient Persia and the courtyards of nobility in Asia. They mark the boundaries of a garden or landscaping and they can be used like a doorway to make the magical entrance to a specific spot in your garden or yard. They also lend shade on a hot summer’s day, especially when vines like grapevines have been allowed to overgrow them. For more formal gardens, arbors provide a quiet view to overlook a water feature or a treasured tree

Defines a Space:

An arbor can be used like a doorway which becomes an entrance to a specific spot in your garden or yard.

Shades an Area:

An arbor with a tight lattice or solid roof creates a shaded area for seating or special plants.

Makes a Statement:

An arbor, when combined with a trellis or two, holds up a tunnel of blossoms.

Frame a View:

Place your arbor strategically to create a frame around a specific view in your landscaping which also adds emphasis to that area.

Whether you want us to custom-make a single trellis or many, or a unique arbor, All American Fence Corporation will be pleased to discuss your ideas and your options. Call All American Fence Today! FREE, No Obligation Estimate 925-743–8583