Over the years vinyl fencing has made a huge transformation from rather unimaginative privacy fencing to incorporating numerous designs and style variations. All American Fence Corporation has watched vinyl fencing “grow up” from its humble beginnings to the present day where it can be a beautiful and interesting alternative to other fence materials. Vinyl is durable, environmentally friendly, flexible in terms of its many applications, and when properly installed it is virtually maintenance free. We use only the best grade of vinyl fencing. You will find that vinyl fencing is quite complementary to all of the plantings on your property.

Vinyl Fence Basics:

All American Fence Corporation is an expert in the design and installation of vinyl fences. We are a contractor who understands that vinyl fencing to your landscaping for years to come without the additional costs normally associated with other fence materials.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing:
Chemical Free:

Vinyl fencing does not contain chemicals or toxins and therefore, it doesn’t contaminate the planet or the plants around it! In fact, vinyl fencing is made of recycled materials and yet it is as durable as wood.

No Nails, Sharp Edges, or Splinters:

Kid and pets love vinyl fencing! It contains no nails, sharp edges or splinters so there are fewer accidents.

Low Maintenance:

Vinyl means low maintenance! It has no chance of being infested by termites and does not need to be painted.

Strong and Flexible:

Did you know that vinyl has five times the strength of traditional wood fencing? In addition, it is more flexible.

Cost Savings:

There is less wear and tear with a vinyl fence. There is none of the peeling, rotting, blistering, warping or flaking that other fence materials experience

Different Uses for Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is used for many different applications and home and property owners are often surprised by how far this material has come. Depending on the type of vinyl fence that has been chosen, it can take on various forms. Vinyl fencing is being successfully used for the following applications:

Vinyl privacy fencing through the use of solid panels.

Vinyl swimming pool fencing for privacy, safety and security.

Vinyl picket fence designs

Vinyl fence rails

Vinyl electric security fencing for livestock and similar applications

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