Wood Fence

Wood is the classic fencing material that through its natural, sustainable and gentle beauty can transform any property. Wood fencing is capable of adapting to any style from Victorian to Rustic to Mid-Century Modern. Whether you want a classic, picket fence, a security fence, privacy fence or an imaginative custom design, our experienced professional installers have the skills and knowledge to create a fence that will enhance the appearance of your property. We are known for our exceptional customer service, quality materials and dependability in every project we undertake.


Whether you need a simple picket fence, a substantial wood security fence or a beautiful custom design, All American Fence Corporation will be pleased to discuss the many choices you have available. Call us for a free consultation.

Types of Wood Fences

Wood fences come in a wide variety of styles and can be designed for many different functions. Among the more popular types are those listed below:

Good Neighbor:

This type of wood fence is quite popular because it is has beautiful boards on both sides of the fence so it is equally beautiful for both you and your neighbor.


A louvered fence is a semi-open fence that gives your property protection from the wind, and provides an interesting and unique look for your landscape.

Shadow Box:

This style of fence creates a shadow box effect with alternating boards on either side of the fence. It provides the same security as a solid fence with an interesting, beautiful box appearance.

Nail on:

This type of classic wood fence uses nails to secure boards onto the inside frame rails from the outside posts of the fence. Many feel this type of wood fence creates a more rustic feel.

Dog Eared:

The “dog ear” wooden fence is so named because of the notched look at the top of the fence. The notched boards give the wood fence a distinctive “finished” appearance that is much prettier than the plain fence.


A lattice wooden fence is perfect for the home or property owner who wants a nicer architectural element to their fence. The lattice fence combines the function of a security fence with the aesthetics of a more open and airy lattice-work look.

Picket Fence:

The classic picket wooden fence dates back to pre-Colonial times. It provides a boundary to your property but at the same time it is inviting for guests. There are numerous picket variations

We use construction common redwood to create lasting wood fences for your home or business. Construction heart (con-heart) redwood is also available. We also use staples rather than nails when constructing the fences to prevent cracking the boards.

Enhance your residential wood fence in Pleasanton or the surrounding areas by adding other wood features. Our custom-created structures will make the most of your yard and landscaping. Feature designs include:


Wood Gates

Double Drive Gates

Walk Gates





Our staff will help you find the right wood fence or design one that will work with your landscaping and architecture but that will stay within your budget.


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Wood Fence