If you have decided to install a new fence in your home, consider these most crucial and frequently asked questions before hiring fence companies in Walnut Creek.

1. How long has the company been installing fences in Walnut Creek?
Ask this important question to know if the company is well established in your area. You may also want to consider how many projects this fence company has undertaken in the area. Another question to consider is how familiar the company has been when it comes to different climate and soil conditions that will influence the choices of materials and the type of fence.

2. Is this fence company licensed in Walnut Creek?
It is essential to find out if the company has a license to do business in Walnut Creek to ensure that you get quality service. Check for a company’s business license at the Contractors State License Board.

3. Is this company insured?
Many states don’t require insurance but if a fence contractor has insurance then it should be a sign of a good fence company. A reputable company knows how to protect its employees through liability and compensation insurance.  This is an important question since homeowners will hire a fence contractor to do the work without the liability insurance. A company must provide proof of its workers’ liability and compensation insurance.

4. Does a company hire and employ its own workers or does it hire subcontractors (day workers)?
Find out if fence companies in Walnut Creek have employees who are on the payroll or if they employ subcontractors for certain jobs (such as excavation). If a company works more often with subcontractors, ask if it has worked with them many times before. This will help you decide if you really want to hire a company who has taken its own risk of employing subcontractors (no matter how great the contractor is).

5. Does the company provide a written quote or estimate?
Why do you need to ask for an estimate? This is important because there some cheap contractors out there and cheaper doesn’t necessarily imply the level of experience, reliability, stability and quality. They seem cheaper because they use less expensive materials, or materials of more inferior quality. And you know that by using poorer-quality materials for your fences means more repairs and maintenance later.

6. Does the fence company provide references from customers?
It’s recommended that you procure at least three references from the customers who have had a fence installed by the company. With the reference’s permission, it is all right to drop by and review their fence work to see if it is still sturdy or if it stands well without much maintenance.

7. When can this company get started and how long will the work take before it gets finished?
It is important to be clear on how long the fence installation should take. Installing a fence bears little inconvenience, but knowing when the work will be finished in advance will certainly avoid resentment on the part of the homeowner.

8. Will the company confirm your property boundaries?
It is also important to know your property boundaries where your fence will be installed. This will keep the fence from going over the boundary line into your neighbor’s lot which could result in arguments and possibly lawsuits. Surveys need to be conducted to avoid such unpleasant encounters with your neighbors.

9. Does the company provide a written warranty?
Reputable fence companies will gladly provide a written copy of the warranty to you, many before you hire them so you know what to expect and can make a better informed decision. If a company does not provide a written warranty, you will want to find another fence company in Walnut Creek.

These are only the few questions (you may think of them more) you will want to have answered before installing a fence on your property. However, these questions will definitely guide you in finding the best fence company in Walnut Creek who will do the job you’ve wanted.

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