A wood fence in Pleasanton is one of the most popular fencing options. They are versatile and lend a natural look to your property. As wood fences are a classic and traditional favorite among residents, they are also versatile, and come in many designs and styles. Like any other fencing options, wood fences provide you with security as well as privacy that you may have always wanted. Here is the list of some popular wood fencing styles that will help you to decide on which to install at your home.

1. Solid board
Solid board wood fencing is good for enclosing any open space. If you want to have a total security, privacy and serenity, this type of wood fence style is suitable for you. A solid board fence will not allow people outside the fence to see inside the area you have fenced.

2. Spaced picket fencing
The most common among all fencing options, picket fencing adds security and aesthetics to any property. Picket fencing is good especially for keeping small children and pets from straying out of the yard, as well as keeping other creatures and strangers from getting in. It can also enclose areas where there is a swimming pool. These picket fences provide a beautiful addition to any residential property in Pleasanton. Picket fencing comes in limitless designs and can also be customized with decorative posts or post caps.

3. Shadowbox fencing
This is another style of wood fence that is popular among residential owners mainly because it looks good on both sides. It is sometimes called a “neighbor friendly” fence. Shadowbox fencing offers privacy but not as much privacy as solid board fencing. When viewed at a certain angle, you are able to see what’s inside the property through the boards of the fence. Shadowbox fencing also comes in a variety of designs from which you can choose.

4. Lattice top fencing
Another popular fencing option, lattice top fencing, has a solid wall on the bottom and lattice on the top. It provides privacy because of the solid wall, and at the same time the lattice adds an aesthetic appeal to any property. Lattice top fencing can complement and personalize your home. This kind of fencing is highly customizable, as you can request higher or lower solid boards as well as the depth of the lattice top, or double lattice for privacy.

5. Stockade fencing/Grape stake fancing
One of the more beautiful-looking traditional wood fence styles, stockade fencing is mostly made of spruce, usually 3/4″ by 3″ wide milled pickets. There are also gates that can be styled in this way. Aside from being beautiful, stockade fencing also affords total privacy and security.

The above are some of the common wood fencing styles you may want to choose from for added protection, privacy, and beauty to your property. If you want your wood fence to be one of the styles like solid board, picket fence, shadow box, lattice top, stockade fencing or another style, you can contact a professional and licensed fence contractor to install your residential wood fence in Pleasanton.

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